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Cockpit sailing yachts

Info for sailing yachts – Useful details

 Sailing yachts informations

Sailing yachts are very popular. The primary mean of propulsion is sail, but also have a machine, the validity of which is not negligible. The yachts of Power Marine are very meticulous, seaworthy and comply with all safety rules. They also have everything needed for a safe and fun day at sea. So info for sailing yachts is very useful.

Sailing yachts details

The upper part of the vessel where the occupants sit and enjoy the boat rides, is called deck, blanket or deck. The front part of the vessel is called the bow, and the back site is called stern.
Starting from the stern we observe in each vessel a space called the cockpit. To this are place most of the mechanisms that serve the function of the vessel components. Here we see the wheel, in front of the wheel is the compass and other instruments for board navigation. Right and left site, behind the wheel, there are places to sit on board and in the center there is a practical folding table. Under the seats are lockers, stowage for extra anchor, ropes, protective balloons, cleaning supplies, lifeboats etc.
Right and left you will find two winches, but two are two more at the top of decklight. The winches are needed to regulate the ropes and the sails.
In a sailboat will make an impression the quantity and variety of ropes, all are useful and are of three types: the cables, the halyards, the sheets.
At midships we found an elevated area called decklight. On the back of decklight is the cabin top ,where we enter the interior of the vessel. Right and left are in decklight railways (trails) to adjust the sails. All inputs (doors, windows) in the boat, are called hatches .
The bow is placed in front of the decklight. The most important point of the bow is anchorwell , a quite deep place, where the anchor chains and the worker of ancor are placed.
The boat around has pillars through pass warps, which are the rails, that are essential for the safety of passengers when moving on the boat.
From bow to stern, are various mechanisms that serve to handle sails such as winches,trails, linebreaks, rollers, etc.
Referring to vessel sails, the headsail is called genoa, jib and spinnaker, while the base cloth is called central peak or mainsail.
Passing the cabin top (main door) and descending to the stairs that lead to the lower deck, are located the cabins, the bathrooms / wc, the living room, the dining room, the kitchen and the engine room. Vessels, depending on their volume, have a certain number of cabins which have a double mattress, closets, shelves and many windows for adequate light and ventilation.
Yachts have spaces such as living room and kitchen, which have much light and air. This is achieved by many windows and secondly by civil lines with high superstructures and perimeter glass surfaces.
The living room, apart from the standard amenities, offer sound system, VHF, refrigerator etc. The kitchen has such a design and mechanisms, that makes it is very practical and have sufficient storage space.
The engine room of the vessel is situated between the two back cabinets and under the staircase.
Sailing boats of Power Marine are equipped with everything necessary for enjoyable sailing trips.